Why Donate ?

Blood is absolutely a life-saver. According to the World Bank, every 2 seconds someone somewhere needs blood.

There is no substitute for blood.

Blood cannot be 'manufactured' in a factory. Donors are the only source for blood.

That is why all blood that is required during operations, illnesses or emergencies can only be met by blood donations.

Non-remunerated voluntary blood-donors, like you, are the safest among all donors.

Because you understand every drop counts, we have been able to maintain a constant supply of blood to the needy and with every blood supply we help in saving one more life. Today we are considered a model for newer blood banks and a benchmark for established ones, instrumental in savings countless lives. That's because thousands of individuals like you donate blood regularly.

By donating blood, you get not only satisfaction, but also the respect of the blood bank and a big thanks from the hearts of the beneficiaries and their families.

Please donate blood. Save lives. Be a hero.

Have us call you back. Please leave behind your name and contact number and we will call you back.

Registration For Donate Blood

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