Thalassaemia Prevalence

Studies indicate that Gujarat, and especially Saurashtra, has a higher incidents of Thalassaemia. Outside Gujarat, the Punjabi and Sindhi community and people from parts of north-west India seem to be more susceptible to Thalassaemia.

Apart from its menace as a life-threatening disease, Thalassaemia poses a hidden danger: if left unchecked, it can overburden blood banks and healthcare systems and thereby drastically reduce the reach and efficacy of these institutions. Here are some figures:

Gujarat :

  • 5-6% population - Thalassaemia carrier
  • 40/100000 - Thalassaemia Major patients
  • 800-1000 - Thalassaemia Major births each year
Saurashtra :
  • 900000/1500000 - Thalassaemia carriers
  • There are approximately 27% of the total Thalassaemia carriers in India