Thalassaemia Major

Thalassaemia Major is a fatal form of homozygous Thalassaemia (inherited from both parents) in which there is no hemoglobin.

Thalassaemia Major is a homozygous state with complete absence of chains production, so that individual will not be able to synthesize normal haemoglobin, bone marrow cannot produce normal red blood cells and hence the person suffering from this disease requires regular blood transfusions.

 Thalassaemia Intermedia

The Thalassaemia Intermedia is an uncommon entity characterized by moderate reduction in β-chain synthesis, a condition ranging between minor and major in varying severity and patient will require infrequent blood transfusions.

Thalassaemia Minor (trait)

The Thalassaemia Minor is a common entity characterized by mild reduction in -chain synthesis. However patient will not require blood transfusion.

Clinical Features :Usually asymptomatic and diagnosis is made when patient being investigated for a mild chronic anemia.