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Empowering women is the only way to strengthen the society. In our community, women have faced a range of structural and social barriers in fully participating in the Indian economy which not only hinders their individual growth but also limits our nation’s ability to continue to modernize. Women Empowerment is more about supporting women with an insight, about securing their fundamental rights. In India still 70% of population lives in rural regions who are deprived of economic and social benefits. In India 01 of every 14 women is a widow, about 68% widows live in rural regions and 75% of the rural individual survives on INR 33 per day. The socio-economic imbalance deprives most rural women of fundamental rights. Empowering women through skill development is the key to poverty reduction and social upliftment with manifold impacts on personal development, family subsistence, children education, decision making, gender equality and respect. Women do not get equal opportunities to earn livelihood compared to men. Women empowerment helps women to build up their earning capacity, creating their unique identity through gender equality.

Life Women Empowerment Centre (LWEC) endeavours to make a positive impact in the lives of widows and women who are below the poverty line (BPL) and provide them the opportunity to pursue their dreams so that they can live their life with dignity and become self-reliant that they really deserve.

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To raise social and financial status of less privileged women leading to self-reliance and better livelihood.


To impart vocational training, provide trade kits & equipment and market linkage to less privileged women leading to gainful employment and enhanced socio-economic status.


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