Sponsor skill development training for women empowerment

Transform The Lives of Indian Women

  ₹ INR $ USD
Scholarship for training of 1 woman
Scholarship for training of 10 women
Scholarship for training of 25 women. (1 batch)
Scholarship for training of 50 women. (2 batches)

Sponsor free of cost blood units to the poor and needy

Save lives now....

  ₹ INR $ USD
Sponsor 1 unit of blood
Sponsor 5 unit of blood
Sponsor 10 unit of blood
Sponsor 20 unit of blood
Sponsor 50 unit of blood
Sponsor 100 units of blood
Sponsor 200 units of blood

Sponsor by adopting Thalassaemia major child and screening

Join us to make Thalassaemia free Saurashtra and Kutch

  ₹ INR $ USD
Sponsor screening for 50 persons
Sponsor screening for 100 persons
Adopt a Thalassaemic Major Child

Sponsorship for the students

  ₹ INR $ USD
Scholarship for 50 students
Sponsorship for 1 Sports Kit /Musical Instrument kit
Sponsor Hygiene kits for 300 students (1 school)

Sponsor nurtured plants of 6 to 15 feet for replantation

  ₹ INR $ USD
Sponsor 100 plants
Sponsor 300 plants
Sponsor 500 plants