Sponsor skill development training for women empowerment

Transform the lives of women living below the poverty line

  ₹ INR $ USD
Sponsor for training of 1 woman
Sponsor for training of 10 women
Sponsor a Training Batch of 25 Women

Sponsor free of cost blood units to the poor and needy

Save lives now....

  ₹ INR $ USD
Sponsor 1 unit
Sponsor 10 units
Sponsor 20 units

Sponsor by adopting Thalassaemia major child and screening

Join us to make Thalassaemia free Saurashtra and Kutch

  ₹ INR $ USD
Sponsor screening for 50 persons
Sponsor screening for 100 persons
Adopt a Thalassaemic Major Child

Sponsorship for the students

  $ USD
Musical Instrument Set
Computer System
Hygiene Kit for 300 students
RO plant for pure & safe drinking Water
Sports Equipment
Public Announcement System
Smart Class Equipment -Software & Projector with Screen, Laptop with Software, Operating Training etc. (Std. 3rd to 8th)
Scholarship for 50 students

Sponsor nurtured plants of 6 to 15 feet for replantation

  ₹ INR $ USD
Sponsor 100 plants
Sponsor 300 plants
Sponsor 500 plants