Life Blood Centre

·         6,21,787 Blood Components Issued

·         5,529  SDP Procedures Done

·         5,231  Outdoor Camps Organized

·         3,64,162 Lives Served

·         310 Club 25 Donors


Life Greenfield Centre

·         2,60,464 Trees Distributed for Replantation Since Inceptiont

·         52 Indegenous Varieties of Trees and Plants Available

·         23,000 Plants above 6-15 Feet Ready for Distribution

·         17,000 Plants Being Nurtured


Life Thalassaemia Prevention Centre

·         14,73,420 Persons Reached Through Thalassaemia Awareness Drive

·         6,77,749 Persons Screened & Benefited

·         118 Births of Thalassaemia Major

·         23,694 Prevented Ante-natal Tests Done

·         37,944 Persons Received Counseling

·         739 Pre-Natal Diagnostic Tests Done


Life Education Centre

·         94 Schools Dedicated

·         26,374 Students Benefited Every Year

·         12,644 Scholarships Awarded

·         11,539 Girls Received Grant

·         1,110 Schools Benefited under (SOW) Science on Wheels

·         1,50,000 Students Benefited by Science on Wheels


Life Health and Wellness Centre

·         5,95,000 Persons Benefited

·         6,500 Prisoners from 23 Jails of Gujarat Benefited

·         700 Yoga Shibirs Conducted

·         500 Yoga Demonstration in Schools

·         510 Participants for yoga classes everyday


Life Women Empowerment Centre

·         7,978 Total Widows / BPL Women Have Been Trained

·         30,000 Persons Benefited


NRG Center

·         136 Vendors Registered

·         100 Gujarat Card Issued

·         12 Seminars Organized

·         500 NRGs / NRIs Visited

Life International Support Division 

Disasters have been on the rise over the last decade, they come in different forms i.e. earthquake, tsunami, cyclone, floods, drought, landslide, wild fire etc., and leave a uniform mark of irremediable loss, devastation and agony. The alarming frequency at which natural disasters have struck different nations has posed plethora of economic and humanitarian challenges. In developing countries like India, even a small scale disaster can significantly hurt the social fabric as large chunk of population from middle and lower income group not only loses lives but also loses means of livelihood and hope in just no time! Besides short term effects such as loss of life and economic losses, disaster massively affects long term development goals, health and human security.

We were registered recipients organization for receiving duty free of goods / eligible donated supplies from approved donor organization in terms of Indo - US agreement approved by Government of India, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment vide letter No. 17-9/2000-NI.I dated 13th October,2003.

Under this agreement we have received over hundreds of 40 feet containers by ship cargo and emergency medical supplies by air consignments equipments etc to help, aid, assist to address following situations.

(1)        Humanitarian aids and relief supplies

            Includes clothing, personal care kits, medical supplies

(2)        Equipment's aids for

-         Physically handicapped / disabled.

-         Mentally challenged

-         Vision nutrition deficiency

-         Disaster victims

-         Other natural calamities and disaster.