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You can take a Gujarati out of Gujarat, but you cannot take Gujarat out of a Gujarati. The enterprising Gujarati is everywhere. Visit any foreign land, however remote, you will almost surely find a Gujarati settled there. The hardworking, enthusiastic and the entrepreneurial Gujarati spirit is extremely adaptable. It is to strengthen this bond, celebrate this spirit and take this relationship to a higher plane, that the six Non-Resident Gujaratis (NRG) centers were established by the government of Gujarat. Project 'Life' is proud to be one of the chosen six and the only NGO. The vision of NRG center is to support creating a world-class Gujarat by optimal utilization of knowledge, skills and experience of the global Gujarati. It will assist each Gujarati play a vital role in the development of the state of Gujarat and create opportunities for everyone to benefit from and contribute to.

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