Success Stories

Within Nine months of losing her husband, Manishaben received the five weeks training in computers, appeared for several interviews, secured a job for herself and this is not all, she is also pursuing her first year LLB. Quite different to those who emotionally break down, ambitious and determined Manisha is supported by her father.

While Manishaben Patel gained experience by working as a computer trainer at the Ahmedabad Centre, in the meantime, efforts of market linkage made by the coordinators of the Ahmedabad Centre paid off.

For the first time in her entire life Manishaben at the age of 38 would be working as an administrative assistant with Wapster Net Link Private Limited Company. INR 5000 can be considered as her first salary. She was on a six months probation. On confirmation, she would receive an increment of INR 1500. If she would continue working with the same spirits as she is now, her salary would increase to INR 15000 as promised to her by the company.

When Mr. Bhanderi, Social Defense Officer of Ahmedabad District asked Mansiha about the changes in her after the training, she very boldly said that she is confident and has begun to value her innate abilities. She also said that she still feels the need to keep updating herself and has a desire to learn tally and learn more about hardware.

She acknowledged the hard work put in by the trainers at the centre and is grateful not only to Project ‘Life’ but the Government of Gujarat too, for having developed such training for widows. However, she wished if the rule of the age limit being 35 for widows to apply for Government jobs could be increased from 35 currently many more widows will be able to avail the benefit of such a scheme.

We are the helpless widows helped through the vocational training by Saurashtra Medical & Educational Charitable Trust, Project ‘Life’ which is working as the implementing agency with 100 % Grantof Director, Social Defense Department of Women & Child Development Department of Government of Gujarat. We are thankful to the Women & Child Development Department of Governmant of Gujarat and Project ‘Life’ organization. We look forward for the continuous support.

Smt. Gauri Devji Maru got her name registered in the training class run under the Widow Rehabilitation Aid Programme at Amdavad. She is residing in a house with a tin-roof in Gita-mandir area and she faced fierce criticism of the short-sighted relatives and neighbours for joining such training class. But Gauri stood firm with great mental strength and completed her traning in sewing trade.

As a result of this, today, she has become an idol for many women. Many needy women have contacted her for taking such a training which would make them also self-reliant. She has recommended many needy women to join this type of traning classes.

Smt. Gauri has a family of two daughters and two sons. Her husband died twelve years back. Before her training in sewing she had to fight against the fate and adverse circumstances.

After her training completion she has taught sewing to her daughters. She earns nearly Rs. 5000/- per month and runs her household amicably. Her children are studying and receiving necessary education. Till date, Gauribahen has not forgotten the inspiring guidance of the trainers and warmth of her co-trainees. This achievement is a stepping stone for her. Now she aspires to acquire the skill of embroidery and thus she ensures a prosperous life for her family.

Geetaben Rana had two options: sit back and curse her luck or fight back and live with dignity. She chose the latter.

Geetaben lost her legs in an ill-fated accident. Her husband too is physically challenged. Negligible income, rising expenses and grim surroundings could have scared anyone. But Geetaben was different – she decided not to give in.

The chance meeting with Project Life's field-workers gave her the much-needed boost. But that didn't solve everything. There was family resistance to be overcome, her little daughter to be taken care of, the difficulty of traveling to the training center.

She convinced her family, arranged with her neighbors to babysit her daughter and somehow managed the daily commute.

Her commitment has begun to pay off. In the last 48 days, she has earned Rs.8216/-, averaging Rs.171/- per day. Soon the average will cross Rs.250/- per day. At Rs.5000/- a month, her yearly income was Rs.60000/-. Assuming she works for another 30 years, her estimated income will touch Rs.1.8 million. That is the power of determination.

Geetaben's story is a shining example what tremendous change can unfortunate women bring in their own lives, with just a little help.

Things couldn't have been any worse for Ranjanben. Her husband, a daily-wage worker, found it difficult to manage the household expenses. Deteriorating health, a sick child and financial strain led his husband to depression. He threw himself and his three children in Sabarmati river. They all died.

Personally devastated, socially detached and financially drained, Ranjanben fought back nevertheless. After undergoing training for sewing under Project Life, she turned self-reliant. She stitches Godadi (Indian quilts) which fetches her close to Rs.6,000/- a month. At this rate, she earns Rs.72,000/- year. Over the next 30 years, she will be earning Rs.2.16 million.

She credits Project Life for the huge change it brought to her life. At Project Life, such remarks energize us to reach out to even more women like her.

Manjulaben Rajput's journey from one tragedy to another was successfully averted by Project Life. "I have to thank Project Life for everything good that has happened since I took up the catering course with them." says a visibly emotional Manjulaben. "I earn about Rs.7000/- per month, thanks to the Project Life family!"

At Rs.7000/- a month, her yearly income comes to Rs.84000/- a year. Over the next 30 years of her career, it will total to Rs.2.52 million.

"The whole of my life changed for the better because of Project Life” she says, "And I wish every unfortunate women gets this opportunity. That will take away their misery, their troubles."

"I proudly contribute about Rs.8000 month to the family earning. It means a lot to us, since my husband has a modest income. And I am glad that I am supporting the family financially."

Hasinaben Sheikh had to fight social pressure. The people around her were not happy with the decision to undergo training, but she stood her ground. And today she is happy she took the decision.

Her monthly income of Rs.8000 a month totals to Rs.96000 a year. If she works for the next 30 years, her income will sum up to Rs.2.88 million. And all that because she came across Project Life.

"That is real empowerment, giving me a meaningful, respectable life." she smiles.

Shantiben, a 35 years old physically challenged woman living in urban slum of Ahmedabad. She lives in Joint family of 10 people out of which only her father is bread earner for her family. Her mother works from home by doing thread cutting and earns Rs.20 a day which is not sufficient to run their family. In spite of adverse condition of family and physically challenged Shantiben decided to join training run by Project ‘Life’. "I want to become self-reliant and want to show the world that strong willingness and desire can change the lives" says Shantiben.