About Us

The level of development of a society can often be measured by understanding if it is a healthy society. A society not only free from diseases, but also from depression, vices and crimes is naturally a better society.

The United Nations General Assembly, in 2015, declared 21 June as the International Yoga Day. Globally, this added further acceptance to the science of Yoga.

We at Project 'Life', have been serving the society since 1978 through our extremely effective, far-reaching and considerate interventions in the fields of health, education and women empowerment.

To provide further impetus to our contribution in the health sector, Project 'Life' started the Life Health Care and Wellness Center (LHWC) since 2003, under the banner of Saurashtra Medical & Educational Charitable Trust (SMECT), Rajkot.

The LHWC provides Yoga teaching, training and therapy services through special modules designed by Yoga experts for different sections of society.