Success Stories

Virendra Trivedi, a businessman of 67 years, had joined Diabetes Prevention Shibir in June, 2009, because he was a patient of Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus. The disease is very dangerous and affects all the systems of the body, specially central nervous system, heart, blood circulatory system and metabolism etc. Due to all these he had some other complaints also like excessive fatigue, high blood pressure and anger etc.

During this Shibir, he felt many improvements in his problems. He felt relaxed, comfortable in life's adverse situations, less anger and a decrease in blood glucose level. He had DM since 1985 and had been using insulin for 8 years continuously. He was started insulin with a mild dose but accordingly dose was increasing from 2 units to 27 units daily.

After completion of the Shibir, he had joined Healthy Life Club where we advised and taught specific Yoga Practices in a specific manner and we saw a miracle. After one month his doctor said to him that he had not need to take insulin because every week when he tested, his blood glucose level found under normal range so he decreased his insulin step by step. Now he is very happy because he is free from all that critical conditions and free from insulin also.

We have conducted an interview with him to receive his feedback. He was very thankful and awarded to Healthy Life Club and Life and Life's efforts in showing him path towards healthy life.

Mr. Keshav Padhia, 50 years old businessman had a serious problem when he joined Healthy Life Club. Before three months of joining, he got a Stroke and fortunately he was recovered by knowledgeable & experienced doctors and medicines but his speech was interrupted completely.

It was very difficult to understand what he said. We taught him selected Asanas, Pranayama, Omkar, Kriyas and Dhyana individually under our experienced and well qualified Yoga Experts. Within a month, we observed good improvement in his speech.

After three months of his joining he got completely cured and spoke fluently. He remembers “I was very panic when I was unable to speak clearly. Nobody was able to understand my words whatever I spoke but now I am happy to overcome that period because of Yoga and its scientific application at Life”.

Mr. Sunil Patel, a businessman, aged of 45 years, was a Diabetic patient and wanted to manage his Blood Glucose Level, so he had joined 5 Days’ Diabetes Prevention Shibir at Project ‘Life’ in the month of August, 2010 which was designed specially for Diabetes.

We taught and trained him with specific Asanas and Pranayama in a scientific and therapeutic manner. Before starting Yoga his Fasting Blood Glucose Level was 96 mg./dl. while Post Prandial Blood Glucose Level was 172 mg./dl.

After a good practice of Yoga for five days, one hour daily, we checked him again and we got his Fasting Blood Glucose Level was 90 mg./dl. while Post Prandial Blood Glucose Level was 99 mg./dl.

Mr. Sunil was happy and satisfied to see the result. He was very surprised to find that Yoga was so capable to reduce sugar level within a short period of five days. He promised with himself that he will continue Yoga long life.