Smt. Meenalben Mehta Centre

The Smt. Meenalben Mehta  Healing Project was designed by a USA-based non-profit organization after 20 years of continuous research. It developed a unique healing process to correct the energy imbalances in the body that brings about distress and ill health amongst people. It tries to alleviate the negative forces and feelings and brings about harmony between the body and the mind.

Instruments specially designed by this organization help restore and regenerate the human energy structure, a non-physical energy field that stores the negative feelings and experiences and any kind of disturbances or emotional hurt.

These instruments have been tested many times by individual professionals to yield consistent results. Today these instruments are also being used at various hospitals, clinics, nursing homes around the world. Thus this unique healing method has been extremely supportive in treating serious diseases and has enhanced the recovery process of many patients.

Smt. Meenalben Madhoobhai Mehta of UK gifted 11 such healing instruments to the LHWC in the year 2002. Since then the LHWC has been providing these services free-of-cost to everyone irrespective of their caste, color and creed.

The LHWC has been instrumental in providing emotional support to its participants. The users of these instruments have reported positive changes in their mental and emotional states. Many have also experienced a reduction in physical pains like backache, Arthritis, joint pains etc. As the negative feelings change or drop away the individual is healed of his/her emotional hurt to obtain a calm and peaceful state of mind. However it is to be noted that this program is not an alternative but a supplement to medical treatment.

The impact of this program could vary from individual to individual and some of the positive results of this supplementary therapy are: Fast healing after operation or injury, memory enhancement, relief from ageing problems, recurring pain and freedom from depression. It provides mental relaxation, a stronger immune system, relief from gynecological problems, solution to insomnia and anxiety and so on. It truly develops a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Universal Healing Program

The Universal Healing Program, a holistic program, designed for the treatment of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) was originally launched by Dr. Dean Ornish and his team in the USA in 1990. Dr. Ornish is widely known for his lifestyle-driven approach to control Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).

Believing that the disease of the coronary arteries is aggravated by a lack of mental peace and disharmony of bodily and spiritual functions, Dr. Ornish and his group in the USA sought to correct these deficiencies with the help of a five-point bi-weekly (Universal Healing) program, consisting of a low-fat vegetarian diet, modest exercise equal to walking on the level for 30 to 40 minutes, followed by stretching and relaxing of various muscles leading to deep relaxation by practicing Shavasana and meditation. Once meditation is over, the participants are led into a process of group discussion wherein emphasis is laid on sharing one's feelings. This process is known as Group Healing.

This program could not only stop the progression of CAD, but could actually reverse it. Dr. Ornish has acknowledged his debt to Swami Sachchidananda for helping him to develop this holistic perspective on preventive health. This program was popularized in India by an Ahmedabad-based clinical cardiologist Dr. Ramesh Kapadia, who started this program in Ahmedabad on Gandhi Jayanti, 2nd October, 1991.

The LHWC implements this unique package of exercise, facilitated through pre-recorded instructions on an audio cassette. It is a group activity and over the years has brought solace to many.

The light stretching exercises performed by the patient bring him/her awareness to the present moment and help the muscles relax. In Shavasana, as the mind becomes quiet, all the internal and external muscles of the body including the coronary muscles are relaxed and the blood circulation improves. As the heart muscles receive adequate supply of blood, their concentration and relaxation becomes rhythmic and efficient. Hence every cell of the body receives adequate supply of blood and one experiences a sense of well-being and bliss.

Meditation activates the parasympathetic nervous system (that helps in calming an individual) which causes the secretion of hormones like adrenaline, noradrenalin and corticosteroid. As a result, the heartbeat-rate, blood pressure, level of blood sugar and cholesterol become normal. Thus all the degenerative processes of the body are transformed into regenerative processes for the well-being of the person.

This way, this unique program aims at increasing the inner strength of its participants and also helps them believe in their own innate ability to improve their health and well-being. Thousands of people have benefited from this program. These include patients of heart disease, blood pressure, depression and joint problems. The LHWC is glad to have helped so many individuals to help them regain their health and happiness.