Who we are

We are Project 'Life' one of the largest and oldest NGOs in the region.
Project 'Life' was founded to offer help, assistance and counseling to the underprivileged.

Founded in 1978 as a blood-bank, today Project 'Life' has grown to cover a range of activities. They include drastically improving the education ecosystem, operating a large, NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers), driving women empowerment programs Gujarat, nurturing a better environment for the planet, bridging the gap between the resident and the global Gujaratis and helping people stay fit and healthy with Yoga training and research.

For better management and increased transparency, each activity is hived off into separate divisions.

Our programs positively impact the lives of the beneficiaries of our interventions and help them rediscover their self-dignity. Our reach engages the civic society to better participate in the noble endeavor of reducing the gap between the fortunate and the not-so-fortunate.

We work with like-minded individuals, donors, corporates, government departments and other NGOs to optimize the collective efforts. 

Our Philosophy

We are primarily a responsible charity organization.
Most of our efforts, energy and resources are directed towards breaking the vicious circle of poverty and preventing avoidable pain.

However, we strongly feel NGOs of this generation will also drive change using various innovative strategies. We feel NGOs will be able to provide solutions that won't be temporary, but will be life-long.

In the process of helping people, we have set up demanding standards. We would, on our way to helping people, like to be the Center of Excellence among all NGOs. Our activities must be most productive, our goals must be most noble and our working should be fully transparent.

We being a developmental organization continually upgrade and improve our systems. We try and squeeze out the last mile out of every penny in our fund. We don't wait for the unfortunate to approach us; our outreach programs constantly help us identify the individual, many of which are so poor they have even given up hope.

We desire to be a model of good governance of international standards.