Project Life started in the year 1978 and moving with the time with a modest aspiration to  support, sustain and enrich the lives of the people and in particular the under-privileged. This worldwide acclaimed humanitarian service organization is the result of 43 years of relentless endeavour and dedicated service. It is professionally well managed and uses its talent of manpower and financial resources to maintain sustainability and aims at empowering our different interventions to better perform internally and towards the community. We are located in Rajkot city of Gujarat state of Western India and working all over Gujarat state for service of humanity. In the former years we started the noble cause by providing high quality safe blood and in subsequent years we initiated various interventions such as health awareness and promoting wellness, thalssaemia prevention, skill development and empowering women, constructing schools in rural areas and saving the environment by distributing nurtured  plants. Our advancement in humanitarian service and noble life saving cause in these years has enabled us to gain recognition worldwide. Still we have miles to go and miles to go...



When COVID-19 struck in 2020, lockdowns were imposed and life was paralyzed in India and everywhere else in the world. People lost livelihoods, stress increased and survival became difficult. At such a juncture, Project 'Life' resolved to contribute in making life easier for those affected by the pandemic. As a response to COVID-19 pandemic, we launched a host of measures and initiatives to cater to the community reeling under heavy pressure and stress caused by the pandemic. Since physical movement was either not allowed or restricted and social distancing norms did not permit any event or gathering, we decided to make the transition and transformation to digital space. Almost overnight, we launched the digital version of all programs of our initiatives. We took all our training and events online ensuring our reach to the most remote parts of the region, transcending beyond geographical barriers of state and country. All this was materialized on the basis of the timely foresight of making the digital transition for all the interventions of Project 'Life'.


Significant activities carried during COVID-19 pandemic period:


Acting as Corona Warriors, Life Blood Centre is working 24 x 7 since inception and during the pandemic period more than 14,000 blood units and around 450 Covid-19 Convalescent Plasma (CCP) have been distributed among Covid-19 patients.


Life Blood Centre has been awarded by International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT), Amsterdam 'ISBT Award for Developing Countries 2020' on December 12, 2020. It is indeed a moment of pride not only for Rajkot but for Gujarat & India.  LBC is the first stand-alone Blood Bank in India to receive ISBT Award for Developing Country.


With an objective to create healthcare awareness regarding viral disease prevailing in villages especially, COVID-19, a special drive has been launched by Project 'Life' through GRAMSEVAKS. The program is being initially implemented in the selected six villages as pilot project where Project 'Life' has built primary school and there are plans to expand its scope gradually to other villages also.


Reconstruction of 4 schools in interior villages of Saurashtra & Kutch region. In the history of Life Education Centre of Project 'Life', Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony and Dedication Ceremony of schools has been organized on digital platform.


Online Yoga classes, workshops, virtual competition and certificate courses were organized to facilitate participants and to spread the importance of Yoga during pandemic time. To get rid of pandemic fear, Yoga teachers of Project 'Life' were in constant touch with participants and provided virtual guidelines and counselling to overcome chronic stress and depression and helped them to provide mental and emotional balance.

  Under the lecture series of 'How not to fall sick?' total 12 lectures were organized by well-known and reputed Doctors of Rajkot city.


The Covid-19 pandemic had brought to a standstill economic activities in India. This made difficult life of those families whose sole breadwinner was a woman. Project 'Life' reached out to such families and women in the hour of distress by giving them work of stitching face masks. More than 100,000 masks sewn by such women were distributed in UK and the remaining were distributed in India. The work is helping the families going after they were hit hard by the pandemic.


Project 'Life' made arrangements for BPL Women / Widows by providing digital theory & vocational training like sewing, embroidery, catering, beauty parlour and  Computer Operations etc and now Life Women Empowerment Centre have started practical training to these women as per Government protocols and guidelines.