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Founded in 1978 as a blood-bank, today Project 'Life' has grown to cover a range of activities. The foundation is on a bedrock vision; to support, sustain and enrich the lives of people with particular focus on the marginalized, deprived and underprivileged sections of the society. Activities of Project 'Life' includes operating a large, NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) & AABB (American Association of Blood Banks, USA) accredited blood bank, improving the education system, driving women empowerment programs, nurturing a better environment for the planet, bridging the gap between the resident and the global Gujaratis and helping people stay fit and healthy with Yoga training and research.


To support, sustain and enrich lives of people.


Project 'Life' inspires hope, contributes to health, well-being, education and livelihood of people by mobilizing power of volunteers and generosity of donors through humanitarian activities and implementation of sustainable programmes.

Project Life

Our Projects

Life Blood Centre was born out of compassion. Today, that compassion, coupled with technology, is saving thousands of lives in Saurashtra region.

  • 5,92,567 Blood Components Issued
  • 4,024 SDP Procedures Done
  • 4,902 Outdoor Camps Organized
  • 3,57,835 Lives Served
  • 310 Club 25 Donors

Life Greenfield Centre is committed to create awareness about afforestation, encourages people to plant trees and provide healthy and greener planet to live in.

  • 2,57,813 Trees Distributed for Replantation
  • 63 Indegenous Varieties of Trees and Plants Available
  • 23,000 Plants Above 6-15 Feet Ready for Distribution
  • 17,000 Plants Being Nurtured

Life Thalassaemia Prevention Centre is a pioneered towards achieving the goal of making Saurashtra region Thalassaemia-free.

  • 14,49,968 Persons Reached Through Thalassaemia Awarness Drive
  • 6,56,518 Persons Screened & Benefitted
  • 117 Births of Thalassaemia Major Prevented
  • 22,590 Antenatal Tests Done
  • 30,138 Persons Received Counselling
  • 740 Prenatal Diagnostic Tests Done

Life Education Centre is committed to provide the state-of-the-art infrastructure and promotes holistic development of children for the government-run primary schools of Gujarat.

  • 78 Schools Dedicated
  • 24,000 Students Benefitted Every Year
  • 12,644 Scholarships Awarded
  • 11,539 Girls Received Grant
  • 990 Schools Benefitted under Science on Wheels (SOW)
  • 1,50,000 Students Benefitted by SOW

Life Health and Wellness Centre strives to build healthy society by providing yoga training with traditional wisdom supported by modern need-based scientific approach.

  • 5,79,403 Persons Benefitted
  • 6,585 Prisoners from 23 Jails of Gujarat Benefitted
  • 700 Yoga Shibirs conducted
  • 500 Yoga Demonstration in Schools
  • 510 Participants for yoga classes everyday

Life Women Empowerment Centre envisions improving quality of lives of Below Poverty line women and widows in Gujarat for economic self sufficiency & rehabilitation through Skill Development Programme.

  • 4,182 BPL Women / Widows Trained for Sewing
  • 1,603 BPL Women / Widows Trained for Embroidery
  • 1,373 BPL Women / Widows Trained for Catering / Computer / Beauty Parlour
  • 7,158 BPL Women / Widows Trained
  • 28,740 Persons Benefitted

Project `Life` has been identified by Government of Gujarat as a one of the six NRG Centres to serve as an information hub promoting cultural ties that bind the people of Gujarati origin.

  • 136 Vendors Registerd
  • 100 Gujarat Card Issued
  • 12 Seminars Organized
  • 500 NRG / NRIs Visits

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