Primary School Infrastructure Development Programme

It all started with the tragic 2001 earthquake that killed about 20,000 people and injured nearly 167,000 people. There was devastation everywhere. A large number of school buildings were damaged or completely destroyed.

In this moment of grief, Project Life has set the target to  develop infrastructures of 108 damaged / destroyed primary schools. As of today, Project Life has developed infrastructure of 83 schools. Silent features of schools built under PSIDP:

  • Earthquake-resistant RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) design of the school building
  • Each classroom of 400 sq ft
  • Classrooms suitably furnished with benches, tables, chairs, cupboards, book-racks etc.
  • High ceilings (12 ft) & sufficient windows for proper air-circulation
  • Maximum natural lighting and ventilation
  • Wide corridors
  • Separate toilets and amenities for boys and girls
  • Large playgrounds


Once the school is constructed and ready for use, it is handed over to the State Government. Local communities are involved to ensure engagement giving them a sense of ownership.

We have set up an ambitious target of developing infrastructure on an average one school every 75 days. Our target is to complete the infrastructure of a total 108 schools by 2020.